Grades 7-12​


St. Paul’s Youth Resting In Truth

SPYRIT is an opportunity for youth in grades 7-12 to continue learning about the love of Jesus Christ. We focus on three areas in our youth ministries that are critical to helping children grow in their faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Three very important aspects of our youth group are:

  1. Everything we do is centered around Christ and His love for us.
  2. We foster positive relationships with one another through fellowship, group activities, learning, and fun, while building on our personal relationship with Christ.
  3. We actively seek out ways to serve others within our church and local community.

In addition to our monthly events, SPYRIT attends the National Youth Gathering, hosted by LCMS every three years. This event provides thousands of youth ages 14-21 the opportunity to come together as a community of God’s people to be encouraged in their walk with Jesus Christ and learn about the Christian faith and their Lutheran identity. 

We invite all youth grades 7-12 to participate in SPYRIT and to check our Upcoming Events page for any upcoming SPYRIT events.
Spyrit youth group goes bowling
Youth group outing

Youth in grades 7-12 are provided with a firm foundation to grow through discussions on youth related topics in light of God’s Word, mutual support, and fellowship in fun related activities. Our Bible studies are subjects that pertain to youth and things they may experience during their adolescent years.

Sunday mornings 9:15–10:15am in the Basement Youth Room. Breaks for summer.

This is for grades 7 and 8. It includes a study of the Bible and Luther’s Small Catechism, and makes use of video, music, art, service, and others means to help young teens better understand the teachings of the Bible and apply them to life.  

Wednesday evenings 5:30–6:30pm.